Plenary session 1

DOROTA DLOUCHY-SULIGA. European Union International Policy on Eastern Partnership.

THIERRY DEVARSCooperation Status in Framework Programme 7 (FP7) and Perspectives for Horizon 2020.

KAMILA PARTYKA. Collaboration and Mobility through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Dr. JEAN-LUC DOREL. Bi-regional Cooperation on e-Infrastructures.

Dr. GEORGE BONAS. Opportunities Seen towards Strengthening Eastern Partnership on Research,Development and Innovation: the Views from IncoNet Eastern Partnership.

Plenary session 2

Professor DMYTRO TABACHNYKPerspectives of Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union and Eastern Partnership Countries in the Field of Scientific Researchers, Developments and Innovations.

GHEORGHE DUCA. Moldova towards the European Research Area.

DAN ANDRÉEHow Member States Work to Facilitate the Further Development,Implementation and Monitoring the International Dimension of ERA.

MIHKEL SUSI. Science - Industry Collaboration.

Dr. ELISABETH LIPIATOU. Bi-regional Cooperation with Southern Neighbourhood Countries:Lessons-learned and Perspectives.

Professor ARAM PAPOYANIntegrating the Institute of Physical Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia into European Research Area.

Professor PAATA J. KERVALISHVILI. International Cooperation with Eastern Partnership Countries / EU Countries – SENSERA Project.

Parallel session 1

Professor VLADIMIR ELISASHVILI. Biotechnological Potential of Wood-rotting Fungi for Healthy Food, Renewable Energy and Environment.

Dr. MARINA GOROKHOVATSKANational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Tackling Societal Challenges: Experience, Capacities, Outlook.

Professor BARDUKH GABRIELYAN. Climate Change Programs in Armenia and Co-operation Opportunities.

ANNA DZIUBCZYNSKA-PYTKO. Towards Societal Challenges in H2020 - Eastern Partnership Countries Interest and Participation in FP7.

HELMUT WALERIUS. Cooperation on Health Related Research.

Parallel session 2

TIGRAN ARZUMANYAN. NAS RA and its Role in the Innovation System of Armenia.

Professor NINA BOHDAN. Innovative Development of Belarus in the Context of International Indicators.

Dr. ELENA ZAMSA. Moldova's R&D Competition System, State of the Art and Future Developments.

Professor GIORGI GHVEDASHVILI. TSU on the Way of Reforms: from Capacities to Excellence.

Dr. IRAKLI NOSELIDZE. Development of Research Policy and Respective Funding Schemes.

VALENTINO CAVALLI. EAP Networking Capacity: State of Play and Steps Forward.

Parallel session 3

MARYNA LEBEDEVA. Development of SMEs' Innovative Activity.

ROMAN CHIRCAInnovational Infrastructure and Mechanisms of Implementation the Research
Results in the Republic of Moldova.

Dr. ANDRIY TARELINStrengthening Partnership between Research and Industry: Ukraine Realities and Prospect.

Dr. STEFAN RIEGLER. Strengthening Partnership between Research and Industry - the Austrian Perspective.

Professor LEONID YATSENKO. International Cooperation with Eastern Partnership Countries / EU Countries: Success Stories – NANOTWINNING Project.

Plenary session 3

Feedback on the Results in the Parallel Sessions:
Dr. KLAUS SCHUSCH. Tackling Societal Challenges in the Frame of Cooperation in RTI with EaP Countries in 3 Thematic Priorities – Healthy Food, Energy and Climate Change.

Dr. ZYGMUNT KRASIŃSKI. Building the Staircase from Capacities to Excellence.

Dr. KĘSTUTIS JASIŪNAS. Strengthening Partnerships between Research and Industry.

Dr. MILOSLAV RANSDORF. Industrial Recovery of Europe.

CARMEN FALKENBERG AMBROSIO. Instruments and Activities supporting the Eastern Partnership.

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